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Product Introduction:
This machine is a deeply processing equipment of EPE foam sheet/film products, mainly used for the tectorial surface of EPE foam sheet/film.The material can be PE film, plated Aluminium foll, plastic-coated paper, plastic-coated fabric and so on. Laminated foam sheet increases intensity,waterproof ,and can be printed character, picture,improving the products grade, widely used for the packing of box lining,life vest,wooden floor underlayer. Car havelock,Motor adumbral cushion,household appliance.high-top Pottery and so on.

Machine unit:
(1)Size of laminating—heating roller:270mm×1300mm
(2)Laminating—Roller Pressure:3-7kg/cm2
(3)Laminating material:surface treatment by teflon
(4)Heating Method:electric heating
(5)There is conducting hot oil inside laminating roller, the conducting effect is very good.
(6)Temperature of hot roller:90-130℃
(7)Materlal of down roller: Rubber Coating
(8)Size of rubber roller:Ф270mm*1300mm
(9)Rubber hardness: HS-A700
(10)Expending roller:100mm×1300mm×1set
(11)Winding method: torque motor control
(12)Driving method:gear box driven by motor,direct transmission,easy operation,safety and beauty.


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